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Perfect for Personalisation

Please note this is only a small sample of items from our full collection

The Soft Touch Catalogue consists of over 2000 items. Many products are designed to work well as part of gift sets and we have a host of plain items allowing you to express your own creativity.


Rose-Bud Minky Baby Wrap, available in 6 colours. We offer this item in bulk packaging too, for those who do not need the hanger and additional packaging, helping reduce waste


Our beautiful Deluxe Baby Brush & Comb Set is also available without the plastic tube, for those wishing to use the product in hampers and gift sets, reducing waste packaging.


Our Plain Bandana Bibs are super-popular with embroiderers. They are made from 100% Cotton. Available in multiple colours


Our Plain Baby Bodysuits are super-popular with embroiderers. They are made from 100% Cotton and available in Blue, Pink & White


Our gorgeous comforters with tags are super-popular for embroiderers. They have a super-soft feel with beautiful complementing tags.


Our Baby Comforters are ideal for embroidery and personalisation. Available in a selection of plain and neutral colours and styles, they make for the perfect gift or accessory to a set.


Our Deluxe Cotton Cellular Baby Blankets perfect for customisation. Available in multiple plain colours, this blanket features a 20cm blank area which can be used for embroidery and personalisation.


Our Soft Plain Teddy Bears feature plain knitted removable jumpers which are perfect for embroidery and customisation. We offer bears with removable t-shirts in multiple colours. Other animal designs are also available.

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