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Toys and comforters

Soft Touch offers some super-soft, snuggly toys and comforters which look and feel stunning!

Bear comforter


Our popular bear comforter is perfect for cuddling and comfort. Available in a range of elegant colours, the comforter features a cute bear face and soft fabric, offering warmth and security for your little one.


blue, cream, grey, pink, white

Elephant Comforter


These adorable elephant comforters are the perfect snuggle companion for your little one. Available in 4 different colours, they are made from 100% recycled materials.


blue, grey, pink, white

Recycled bear toy range

EBC64, ERT64, ESQ64, ETB64

Our cute eco-friendly recycled bear toy collection features a comforter with teething ring, rattle toy, squeaky toy, and teddy bear toy. Each toy is thoughtfully designed to soft, safe and engaging to provide comfort and fun for your baby.



Baby bubble style comforter with ribbons


Our popular baby comforter features a unique bubble design and beautifully adorned ribbons offers style and cosiness. Made from ultra-soft materials to provide comfort and security. Available in a range of different colours.


blue, cream, grey, pink, white, red

Giraffe toy collection

ST58, SQ58, RT58, BC56

Our gorgeous giraffe toy collection features a soft toy, squeaky toy, rattle toy and comforter. They are perfect for cuddling, teething and sensory development.


Waffle/mink elephant comforter


Our elephant comforter features a cosy waffle/mink fabric and crinkly ears that provide sensory fun. Available in 3 different colours, offering comfort and sensory engagement.


blue, pink, white

Waffle/mink lion comforter with bow


This adorable lion comforter will be a cosy companion for your little one. It features a playful lion face with textured waffle fabric on one side and mink fabric on the other, along with a sweet bow. Perfect for naps, bedtime or on-the-go cuddles!


blue, pink, white

Teddy bear with t-shirt


Our cute and friendly teddy bears are the perfect cuddle companion. Made from soft, plush fabrics, the bear is dressed in a plain t-shirt making it extra special. This teddy is perfect for naptime, bedtime or playtime.


blue, grey, pink, white

White teddy with blue/red t-shirt


These cute, small teddy bears are the perfect addition to your baby's toy collection. Available in either a blue or red t-shirt with matching nose, mouth and paw prints.


white, blue, red

Bunny toy with sweater


Our lovable bunny toy is perfect for snuggles and play. It is made from soft polyester and comes dressed in a cute sweater. Perfect for comforting your baby during naps or playtime.


blue, white, pink

Bear rattle toy


This friendly bear rattle toy will keep your little one entertained and happy. Designed to stimulate your baby's senses, it features a bear with a gentle rattling sound. It is easy to hold and shake, making it an essential addition to your baby's toy collection.


blue, pink, grey, white

Eco recycled teddy bear


Our eco-friendly recycled teddy bear is the perfect snuggle buddy. Made from 100% recycled materials, the detailed paws and elegant bow add a touch of cuteness. Available in three different colours.


pink, blue, white

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