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BACK IN STOCK: Comforters and Toys

Take a look at our range of comforters and toys back in stock soon.

AVAILABLE FROM 4th June 2024

Plush Bunny Comforter - BC26:

  • BC26-B: blue

  • BC26-P: pink

Bubble Bunny Comforter - BC32:

  • BC32-B: blue

  • BC32-P: pink

Bubble Bear Comforter - BC34:

  • BC34-B: blue

  • BC34-G: grey

  • BC34-P: pink

  • BC34-W: white

Eco Baby Elephant Comforter - BC36:

  • BC36-B: blue

  • BC36-G: grey

  • BC36-P: pink

  • BC36-W: white

Toy Elephant - TE515:

  • TE515-G: grey

Disclaimer: All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary. All designs are the property of Soft Touch Babywear.

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