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Toys & Comforters

Please note this is only a small sample of items from our full collection

Soft Touch offers some super-soft, snuggly toys and comforters which look and feel stunning!

Take a look below at a small selection from our full range


Square Bubble Comforter With beautiful printed Ribbon Tags. Available in other styles and colours.


Bear Comforter with Satin Trim. Available in other styles, designs and colours


Infant's Rattle Toy with 2-tone Bear Design. Also available in other animal shapes, and colours


Animal Design Soft Toys. Cute, cuddly and plush soft toys for infants


Soft Bunny Toy, with removable jumper, perfect for embroidery and customisation. Other colours, sizes and designs available


Beautify Teddy Bear with Matching Ribbon Bow-Tie, and embroidered paws. Available in other colours and designs


Small Soft Elephant Toy, available in other colours


Unicorn Style Infant's Comforter, available in while and pink colours

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