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Infant's Tights

Please note this is only a small sample of items from our full collection

We have a huge selection of infant's tights for ages ranging from Newborn to 11 Years Old. They are available in a range of colours and styles.


Infant's Chevron Tights with Long Bow, available in 7 colours for ages ranging from 0 Months to 5 Years


2 Pack Fashion Tights for 0-6 months, with glittery flower design. Also comes in White and Black


Infant's Ribbed Tights with Frill, for ages Newborn to 18 Months. Available in White, Pink & Red colour variations.


Plain Cotton Tights, available in 6 colours (White, Pink, Red, Grey, Navy, Black) and fits children from Newborn to 12 Years old


Infant's Chequered Tights with Pom-Poms, available for infants aged Newborn to 18 Months. Also available in Grey, Navy, Red, Pink, White & Rose Gold colour variations


Infant's Hearts Jacquard Tights with Large Organza Bow, for ages Newborn to 24 Months. Available in White, Pink & Black Colours


Infant's Diamond Jacquard Tights with 3 small bows, for ages Newborn to 24 Months. Available in White, Pink & Red colours


Frilly Gift Tights with Organza Lace & Bow for ages Newborn to 12 Months. Available in Beige, Black, Red, Pink & White colour variations.

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