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I'm a retailer looking to sell Soft Touch Products in my store. Where can I get my hands on them?

We have an extensive network of wholesalers who are able to supply to retailers. Please use the contact form here to enable us to point you in the direction of an appropriate supplier to meet your needs. 

I am looking to buy directly from you. Is this possible?

Due to the nature of our business, we are only able to supply customers in bulk quantities, on a recurring basis.

If you are able to order in bulk quantities on a recurring basis, please complete the form here.

If you cannot meet this requirement, but still wish to stock Soft Touch Items, please use the form here, to be put in contact with, and join our network of trusted distributors and sellers. 

I am a parent, looking to buy more Soft Touch products. Where can I find them?

Our products are widely available through online channels and in independent babywear stores. If you are still struggling to find our products, please complete the form here, and we will endeavour to locate a retailer local to you.

What quality can I expect when buying Soft Touch Products?

We take great care with the quality of our products. The rate of returns we experience are negligible compared to the volume we sell. 

The items are regularly tested for safety and quality assurance, and all items meet UK regulations. 

I am looking for a specific product, and cannot see it on this website. Where can I get more information?

This website is designed to give a small flavour of what the Soft Touch brand has to offer. We have thousands of products and as such, have selected a few to showcase elements from the full range. 

If you have an enquiry about a specific product, ask your local retailer/ wholesaler or complete the contact us form, and tell us what information you would like to know. 

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